Aardvark: Stefan Rau vs Rob Robinsky

Tournament playedRoundStefan RauRob Robinsky
113.08.2014 US Nationals CSW Division (Buffalo) (USA)6436509
219.01.2015 Crescent City Cup, New Orleans (USA)15542302
303.05.2015 Scrabble at the Falls, ON (CAN)4495399
418.01.2016 Crescent City Cup, LA (USA)5389458
501.05.2016 The Niagara Falls Open, Ontario (CAN)10484467
602.09.2016 MSI WSC Lille (FRA)9271453
716.01.2017 CrescentCityCup (USA)3242470
816.01.2017 CrescentCityCup (USA)18367476
908.08.2018 North American Championship Collins (USA)4396479
Head-to-head after 9 games36
Average score402.44445.88