Tournament Results

04.01.2014 The 7th UK Open ResultsRatingsStats
06.01.2014 The 7th UK Open Final Fling ResultsRatingsStats
20.07.2014 Northern Ireland Championship ResultsRatingsStats
27.07.2014 ABSP Masters ResultsRatingsStats
10.08.2014 Commonwealth Team Championship (Scotland) ResultsRatingsStats
22.08.2014 BMSC Early Bird ResultsRatingsStats
25.08.2014 BMSC Main Event ResultsRatingsStats
02.11.2014 UK National Scrabble Championships ResultsRatingsStats
21.11.2014 Scrabble Champions Tournament ResultsRatingsStats
22.11.2014 SCT Quarter-finals ResultsRatingsStats
22.11.2014 SCT Semi-finals ResultsRatingsStats
23.11.2014 SCT Final ResultsRatingsStats
23.11.2014 MSI Weekend Open ResultsRatingsStats
23.11.2014 MSI Youth Scrabble Championship ResultsRatingsStats
23.11.2014 UK Winter Matchplay ResultsRatingsStats