Tournament Results

04.01.2015 8th UK Open ResultsRatingsStats
06.01.2015 UK Open Final Fling ResultsRatingsStats
10.01.2015 Dubai Winter Scrabble Challenge ResultsRatingsStats
11.01.2015 Las Vegas Main Event ResultsRatingsStats
18.01.2015 iGATE International ResultsRatingsStats
19.01.2015 Crescent City Cup, New Orleans ResultsRatingsStats
26.01.2015 City of Sydney International Masters ResultsRatingsStats
08.02.2015 Kisii County National Tournament, Kenya ResultsRatingsStats
22.02.2015 Israeli Open Mikki Nicholson Memorial Tournament ResultsRatingsStats
27.03.2015 Princeton Early Bird Collins ResultsRatingsStats
06.04.2015 Australian Scrabble Championship ResultsRatingsStats
06.04.2015 East, Central and Southern African Scrabble Championship ResultsRatingsStats
18.04.2015 German/Austrian Qualifier ResultsRatingsStats
18.04.2015 Princeton One Day, NJ ResultsRatingsStats
19.04.2015 ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International ResultsRatingsStats
19.04.2015 Boston Area Collins Tournament ResultsRatingsStats
01.05.2015 8th Malta Open - One-Day Event ResultsRatingsStats
04.05.2015 8th Malta Open SCRABBLE Tournament - Main Event ResultsRatingsStats
07.05.2015 8th Malta Open - Supplementary Event ResultsRatingsStats
03.05.2015 Scrabble at the Falls, ON ResultsRatingsStats
03.05.2015 The Brattleboro Scramble, VT ResultsRatingsStats
25.05.2015 Arden Cup, Elmhurst Il ResultsRatingsStats
31.05.2015 Bayer Indian National Championship ResultsRatingsStats
07.06.2015 Three Rivers Revel, Pittsburgh, PA ResultsRatingsStats
20.06.2015 Princeton One Day, NJ ResultsRatingsStats
01.07.2015 Seniors World Championships ResultsRatingsStats
05.07.2015 30th BRAND's Thailand International Crossword Game King's Cup ResultsRatingsStats
12.07.2015 NSW Winter Challenge ResultsRatingsStats
17.07.2015 Northern Aurora, Mississauga, ON ResultsRatingsStats
19.07.2015 Festival of Scrabble - Westminster Academy ResultsRatingsStats
19.07.2015 Northern Championship, Mississauga, ON ResultsRatingsStats
19.07.2015 Berkeley, CA ResultsRatingsStats
26.07.2015 NSW Winter Masters ResultsRatingsStats
26.07.2015 27th Pakistan Scrabble Championship (Masters) ResultsRatingsStats
31.07.2015 NASC Early Bird ResultsRatingsStats
05.08.2015 North American Champs Collins Division, Reno, NV ResultsRatingsStats
09.08.2015 Berkeley, CA ResultsRatingsStats
16.08.2015 ABSP Masters ResultsRatingsStats
22.08.2015 Swedish National Championship ResultsRatingsStats
28.08.2015 BMSC Early Bird ResultsRatingsStats
29.08.2015 BMSC Mens & Ladies Events ResultsRatingsStats
30.08.2015 Can-Am Scrabble Challenge ResultsRatingsStats
31.08.2015 BMSC 2015 Main Event ResultsRatingsStats
06.09.2015 Australian Masters and State Team Challenge ResultsRatingsStats
12.09.2015 Durham, NC Collins ResultsRatingsStats
13.09.2015 Sajeki International Scrabble Tournament - Uganda ResultsRatingsStats
13.09.2015 Berkeley, CA Collins ResultsRatingsStats
20.09.2015 NSC 2015 ResultsRatingsStats
24.09.2015 Norfolk Island Championship ResultsRatingsStats
27.09.2015 Mike Wise Memorial - Toronto, ON ResultsRatingsStats
03.10.2015 24th Gulf Championships, Dubai ResultsRatingsStats
04.10.2015 Berkeley, CA ResultsRatingsStats
18.10.2015 Continental Scrabble Championship ResultsRatingsStats
18.10.2015 Lake George, NY Collins ResultsRatingsStats
24.10.2015 Bethesda, MD ResultsRatingsStats
25.10.2015 Causeway Singapore vs Malaysia ResultsRatingsStats
01.11.2015 WYSC Side Tournament A ResultsRatingsStats
02.11.2015 WYSC Side Tournament B ResultsRatingsStats
02.11.2015 World Youth Championship - Perth ResultsRatingsStats
03.11.2015 WESPAC Last Chance Qualifier ResultsRatingsStats
06.11.2015 WESPAC 3 Day Open ResultsRatingsStats
07.11.2015 WESPAC Saturday Open ResultsRatingsStats
07.11.2015 WESPAC - Perth ResultsRatingsStats
08.11.2015 WESPAC Sunday Open ResultsRatingsStats
22.11.2015 Winter Matchplay - Milton Keynes ResultsRatingsStats
29.11.2015 Oshawa, Ontario ResultsRatingsStats
29.11.2015 27th BAAC Crossword International Youth Princess Cup ResultsRatingsStats
19.12.2015 Princeton, NJ Collins ResultsRatingsStats