Many changes are happening soon, so here is an update:

WESPA Executive Committee has three Officers:

I will be stepping down as Chairman at the Biennial General Meeting in Goa, and Chris Lipe has kindly volunteered to take over.

Jason Broersma is our Treasurer, and it is proposed that he continues in this role.

Cheah will be stepping down as Secretary after an astonishing fourteen years, and he has been in this role since the start of WESPA. I thank him most warmly for his steadfast support during my chairmanship. There is therefore a vacancy for the role of Secretary, which mainly involves liaising with our member associations. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming Secretary.

Our Constitution allows up to eight further committee members, who are proposed by our member associations, and we like to have all continents represented. If more than eight people are proposed, and indeed if more than one person is proposed for an Officer role, then elections will take place at the BGM in Goa. The more volunteers the better, so please let me know if you are interested or have any suggestions.

If Chris does become Chair, he will likely relinquish his role as Head of Tournament and Ratings, so we would need a volunteer for that too.

As you may know, Nick Ivanovski, who has done such outstanding work on Promotions will also step down in Goa, and although he has indicated that he would be willing to stay on as Webmaster, we need someone to take over from him in promoting WESPA and Scrabble generally, as well as organising content for our website. Any volunteers, please let Nick or me know.

Elie Dangoor

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