An insider guide to Liberian Scrabble

Article with thanks to Malek Vamuyah Al Sharif

Scrabble has been playing in Liberia since the 1960s, but was revolutionized in 1982 by Christian Munyeneh, alias, “Nemesis”. The Scrabble scene in Liberia is fierce, everyone has their sleeves rolled up and ready to engage. Unlike in the past, many Scrabble Players in Liberia are determined not to only play the game for leisure, but are poised to reach the zenith of the game on the world stage.

Liberia, though a very small country on the Coast of West Africa, has more than 10 recognized scrabble clubs, and more than 50 active players amongst others.

There were mixed feelings relative to the move from TWL to Collins; few view the Collins as weakening the competitive nature of the game (too many funny words) while MANY see the move as a boost to Liberian Scrabble which set the stage for Liberian players too to compete with their counterparts around the world.

With the likes of Scrabblemania, the publicity associated with it, the hefty prize pool, the international taste, etc... many, if not all, are considering a mass exodus from TWL to the “New Bride” Collins.

We are looking forward to match and surpass other great Scrabble playing countries in the world like Nigeria, Australia, USA, Canada, India, Pakistan etc. We hope to develop programs that will broaden the scrabble horizon in Liberia, and draw the national government’s attention to the importance of Scrabble to a wide range of people of all ages.

The Players are anxious and very excited that a first time WESPA Rated Tournament is about to be held on Liberian soil. This Tournament will set the basis for a National Rating System through the instrumentality of Chief Toke Aka.

Let the games begin

Scrabble in Liberia

ScrabbleMania, so far, is the biggest, the most organized and standardized tournament to be held on the soil of Liberia in more than 5 decades.

It is an invitational Tournament comprising of 22 top notched Scrabble Players in Liberia, and it would comprise 25 games over two days. Liberia currently has five players with International ratings; these players will be seeded and matched up with unrated players for the first 4 or 5 rounds in a round robin consisting of 16 or more games, at which time the rest of the rounds will be KOTH.

Scrabblemania is the first of its kind in Liberia; we envisage Liberia to produce world class players within the next 5 years or less. We are determined to set the stage to a complete new dimension of Scrabble in Liberia.

Chief Toke, having accepted our invite to Liberia, will serve as the Tournament Director for Scrabblemania, set up Liberia’s National Rating System, conduct a series of promotional meetings with high schools and universities as well as conduct workshops for the Scrabble playing body.

Usually, players would register on the day of the tournament in Liberia; but Scrabblemania broke the records. Roughly a week to the main event and all 22 participants have registered and are eagerly awaiting the 20th of April for this mind bustling Event.

The euphoria is unmatched; the players are frenzied and all are mentally and physically prepared for the deed day.

Mind Brilliance Incorporated, the Host of Scrabblemania under the auspices of the National Scrabble Association of Liberia (NASAL) is determined to incorporate participants from the rest of the world in the 2nd edition of ScrabbleMania.

It’s Scrabble Judgement Day in Liberia.