Photos from Sri Lanka and Australia

Two of the big events to start the month of September were featured in Sri Lanka and Australia. The Australian Masters and State Team Challenge is, arguably, only second to the Australian Championship in terms of profile and prestige. Meanwhile, on the same weekend, a top field fought it out for the Sri Lanka International Open. The event was supported by the Ministry of Sports in Sri Lanka, where Scrabble is now a nationally recognized sport. The corporate sponsor for Scrabble for the second successive year was Phoenix Industries who have generously supported this and many other events during 2017 and 2018. Other sponsors were Sri Lanka Tourism and Pyramid Wilmar.

The SLIO Playing Area

Views from the playing area

A TASTEFUL extension

High Game 694

KAMAAINA - played by Jakkrit Klaphajone

Michael Tang's PLInKERS - SLIO High Word

Yong Jian Rong v Jakkrit Klaphajone

CARITAS - Yong Jian Rong

2017 WYC Champion Aabid Ismail and Nigel

The SLIO Top Ten


AMSTC in action

Cameron Farlow v Trevor Halsall

State Challenge Representatives

Russell Honeybun v Bob Jackman

rAURIKIS - Bob Jackman

FACTION extended to 9

INFAUnAL - Rael Hayman (to lose by 1)

999 game - Bob Jackman v Tony Hunt

DYSLEXIA in the Final Round

Tony Hunt 473 Cameron Farlow 347

DEVIATOR the high word overall

Andrew Fisher wins the Masters

Photos published with thanks to players at both tournaments.