Update: September 2018

Announcement from WESPA Chairman, Elie Dangoor: Mattel have given WESPA the go-ahead for WESPAC 2019, which is great! Expressions of interest to bid need to be with us by 31st January, and should include location, approximate dates and organising team, preferably with backing from your national association. Please email info@wespa.org for further information.

November 2017

After a successful and historic WESPAC being held in Nairobi, expressions of Interest are now being called for nations to host the next WESPA Championship to be held in 2019.

The new quotas for this event have been calculated and can be read here.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) can be emailed to members of the WESPA Committee and need to be received by 31 January 2018.

Member Associations wanting to learn more about what hosting WESPAC would entail, further information can be read here.

We look forward to announcing the successful Association in 2018.

February 2018

The EOI period has now closed and there have been three nations that have expressed interest.

They are India, Malaysia and Trinidad and Tobago.

The next stage will be an invitation to submit bids.

June 2018

WESPAC has been awarded to Goa!! View our article here.

Please refer to our page outlining quotas and allocations.

September 2018

The WESPAC Local Organizing Committee (LOC) have now confirmed the dates for WESPAC 2019. They are 16th to 20th October 2019. The schedule is given below:

Information on fees and prizes will be published in due course.

1. The Main WESPAC event: If you make your country qualification quota, you should be using that quota and participating in the star event of the series. The WESPAC main event is for 4 days with a final between the top two players on the 5th day. Country quotas are published here.

2. Last Chance Qualifier: Didn't make the quota? Here's your chance to still compete with the worlds' best players. The top 20% of LCQ standings and the highest under 18 player will qualify for the main WESPAC tournament. LCQ is a one day 8 game tournament.

3. First Gear: The warm up tournament for main WESPAC main event participants. A one day 8 game tournament.

4. The Goa One Day International: A one day 8 game open tournament. If you took part in the LCQ, keep your engine purring with this bridge to the Indian Open. Non LCQ participants, use this one day event as a warm up to the premier non-quota event, the Indian Open.

5. The Indian Open: You'd be surprised how strong the competition can be outside of the country quotas. This three day tournament is open to International and Indian players. 24 games will be played over 3 days. There will be two divisions - Masters and Open. Cutoff ratings will be informed by 15th October 2018.

6. The Goa Pro-Am: You've been going full throttle. You need to get ready to slow down to life away from the boards. Entry is open. Players from the WESPAC country quota pool will play alongside whoever wishes to spar with the titans. One day, 8 intense games. This is not an experience to miss.

The WESPA Tournament Calendar has been updated. Information regarding the number of games in each event will be confirmed by the WESPAC LOC as soon as possible.