Compete for the Elie Dangoor Trophy at the MGI International Scrabble Classics UK

World English Scrabble Player's Association

Formed in 2003, WESPA (the World English Language Scrabble® Players Association) provides an official structure for the international Scrabble community. We support Associations with internationally recognized rules and a ratings system whilst promoting a global calendar of Scrabble events designed to cater for players of all ages and levels.



WESPA maintains a calendar of approved events for rating, the most recent of which are viewable on this homepage. The full calendar is available by clicking on the link mentioned (or via the Tournaments Tab in our Navigation Bar).

The event allocations are currently determined by a quota system. If your home country is a member of WESPA (viewable on our Associations page), then your country currently has a quota allocated to them that they can offer as local events. There is no limit on the number of “international” events a member Association can host. In most cases, that local quota is 4 but for some nations, it is 8.

Find your nation in the Associations page and their entry will tell you what the local quota is.



The Crossworld Solver website has compiled a list of premier global tournament honour boards. View it here.