Compete for the Elie Dangoor Trophy at the MGI International Scrabble Classics UK


WESPA rating of an event requires approval by the Tournament and Ratings Committee. To apply for rating, print and complete this form. Once completed, follow the instructions at the bottom. Please see the next page for handy information and processes that will guide you in how to make the most of having your event WESPA rated.

Application Form

Point of Contacts

AfricaNick Ivanovski, Daniel Machanje
AsiaNick Ivanovski, Tony,
EuropeNick Ivanovski, Steve,
NASPANick Ivanovski, Rich,
OceaniaNick Ivanovski, Bob,


Please ensure your application is sent in with sufficient notice to be promoted to the wider Tournament Scrabble Community. Your application should have as much of the information as possible included in your submission – the more information provided, the more likely players visiting the WESPA site will click for information.

Once the application has had WESPA rating confirmed, the information is provided to the WESPA webmaster for inclusion on the WESPA website, as part of the Tournament Calendar.

As the event approaches, it will also feature on the homepage, under the lower category WESPA TOURNAMENTS.

If your event does not appear within one week, contact us.

WESPA can provide promotional assistance where tournaments are submitted with enough lead time to the event taking place. It is strongly recommended that tournaments are always submitted with enough lead time.

Dedicated webpages greatly assist with promotion and it is highly recommended that you have a page set up for your event to maximise the chances of more players taking part.

In addition, it is advisable, though not a requirement, to make a list of registered players available when known. There is now space on the WESPA website to make this information available (via its Tournament calendar website).

Please take the time to consult our Information page about Tournaments, located at <br>
WESPA is here to assist you get as many players as possible to take part in your event.

For all general tournament rating enquiries, you can contact the Tournament and Ratings Committee for guidance.