Eloy Gardea


United States

Eloy Gardea

Rating: 1809
Games Played: 22
Wins: 11 (50.00%)
Losses: 11 (50.00%)
Draws: 0 (0.00%)

Average Score: 424.82
Average Against: 443.23

300- Games: 1 (4.55%)
300 Games: 7 (31.82%)
400 Games: 9 (40.91%)
500 Games: 4 (18.18%)
600+ Games: 1 (4.55%)

High Game: 642 (vs James Curley)
Low Game: 287 (vs Rasheed Balogun)
Biggest Win: 313 (vs James Curley)
High Loss: 420 (vs Rasheed Balogun)
Low Win: 405 (vs Becky Dyer)

Details#DateTournamentWinsLossesByesSpreadPlaceStart RatingEnd RatingRating Change
12018-02-19Dallas Open11110-4055180918090
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Rasheed Balogun1816L287456
2Rasheed Balogun1816L420446
3Rasheed Balogun1816W523428
4Winter Zxqkj1772L342448
5Winter Zxqkj1772L369533
6Winter Zxqkj1772L334491
7Joey Krafchick1954L362496
8Joey Krafchick1954W497467
9Joey Krafchick1954L337511
10James Curley1695W441421
11James Curley1695W461276
12James Curley1695L390477
13Becky Dyer1839W504424
14Becky Dyer1839L334558
15Becky Dyer1839W405341
16James Curley1695W429426
17Joey Krafchick1954W502419
18James Curley1695W642329
19Winter Zxqkj1772W428374
20Rasheed Balogun1816W518475
21Joey Krafchick1954L402435
22Becky Dyer1839L419520
Average: 424.82 443.23
DetailsOpponentRatingGamesWinsLossesDrawsPctAverage ForAverage Against
1Joey Krafchick193852300.40420.00465.60
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-02-19Dallas Open7L18091954362496
2018-02-19Dallas Open8W18091954497467
2018-02-19Dallas Open9L18091954337511
2018-02-19Dallas Open17W18091954502419
2018-02-19Dallas Open21L18091954402435
Average: 420.00 465.60
2James Curley167854100.80472.60385.80
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-02-19Dallas Open10W18091695441421
2018-02-19Dallas Open11W18091695461276
2018-02-19Dallas Open12L18091695390477
2018-02-19Dallas Open16W18091695429426
2018-02-19Dallas Open18W18091695642329
Average: 472.60 385.80
3Rasheed Balogun180942200.50437.00451.25
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-02-19Dallas Open1L18091816287456
2018-02-19Dallas Open2L18091816420446
2018-02-19Dallas Open3W18091816523428
2018-02-19Dallas Open20W18091816518475
Average: 437.00 451.25
4Becky Dyer177342200.50415.50460.75
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-02-19Dallas Open13W18091839504424
2018-02-19Dallas Open14L18091839334558
2018-02-19Dallas Open15W18091839405341
2018-02-19Dallas Open22L18091839419520
Average: 415.50 460.75
5Winter Zxqkj175241300.25368.25461.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-02-19Dallas Open4L18091772342448
2018-02-19Dallas Open5L18091772369533
2018-02-19Dallas Open6L18091772334491
2018-02-19Dallas Open19W18091772428374
Average: 368.25 461.50


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