Marcia McPhee

Marcia McPhee

Rating: 1743
Games Played: 17
Wins: 6 (35.29%)
Losses: 11 (64.71%)
Draws: 0 (0.00%)

Average Score: 317.65
Average Against: 332.35

300- Games: 0 (0.00%)
300 Games: 17 (100.00%)
400 Games: 0 (0.00%)
500 Games: 0 (0.00%)
600+ Games: 0 (0.00%)

High Game: 350 (vs Amit Chakrabarti)
Low Game: 300 (vs Abraham Thomas)
Biggest Win: 50 (vs Amit Chakrabarti)
High Loss: 300 (vs Abraham Thomas)
Low Win: 350 (vs Amit Chakrabarti)

Details#DateTournamentWinsLossesByesSpreadPlaceStart RatingEnd RatingRating Change
12003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year6114-2504174317430
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Amit Chakrabarti1788W350300
2Abraham Thomas1687L300350
3Abraham Thomas1687W350300
5John Van Pelt1931L300350
6Amit Chakrabarti1788L300350
7Amit Chakrabarti1788L300350
10Timothy Adamson2041L300350
11Timothy Adamson2041L300350
12John Van Pelt1931L300350
13John Van Pelt1931L300350
14Abraham Thomas1687W350300
15Abraham Thomas1687W350300
16Amit Chakrabarti1788L300350
18Timothy Adamson2041W350300
19John Van Pelt1931L300350
20Abraham Thomas1687W350300
21Timothy Adamson2041L300350
Average: 317.65 332.35
DetailsOpponentRatingGamesWinsLossesDrawsPctAverage ForAverage Against
1Abraham Thomas160054100.80340.00310.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year2L17431687300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year3W17431687350300
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year14W17431687350300
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year15W17431687350300
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year20W17431687350300
Average: 340.00 310.00
2Timothy Adamson191241300.25312.50337.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year10L17432041300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year11L17432041300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year18W17432041350300
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year21L17432041300350
Average: 312.50 337.50
3Amit Chakrabarti184241300.25312.50337.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year1W17431788350300
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year6L17431788300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year7L17431788300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year16L17431788300350
Average: 312.50 337.50
4John Van Pelt174740400.00300.00350.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year5L17431931300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year12L17431931300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year13L17431931300350
2003-12-28Parsippany Pre-New Year19L17431931300350
Average: 300.00 350.00


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