Deen Hergott



Deen Hergott

Rating: 1427
Games Played: 13
Wins: 3 (23.08%)
Losses: 9 (69.23%)
Draws: 0 (0.00%)

Average Score: 372.38
Average Against: 398.46

300- Games: 0 (0.00%)
300 Games: 5 (38.46%)
400 Games: 7 (53.85%)
500 Games: 0 (0.00%)
600+ Games: 0 (0.00%)

High Game: 472 (vs Jeremy Hildebrand)
Low Game: 356 (vs Noah Slatkoff)
Biggest Win: 81 (vs Jeremy Hildebrand)
High Loss: 417 (vs Jim Brennan)
Low Win: 407 (vs Jeremy Hildebrand)

Details#DateTournamentWinsLossesByesSpreadPlaceStart RatingEnd RatingRating Change
12023-11-11Ottawa, ON33075211251427302
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Jeremy Hildebrand1809W407326
2Noah Slatkoff1790W466407
3Jim Brennan1608L369388
4Jim Brennan1608L379452
5Noah Slatkoff1790L411430
6Jeremy Hildebrand1809W472426
Average: 417.33 404.83
22022-09-17Ottawa, ON0.56.51-4147112511250
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Noah Slatkoff1685L356493
2Jeremy Hildebrand1813L385482
4Joshua Sokol1864L405441
5Matthew Tunnicliffe1953L403404
6Andrew Golding1625L371478
7Jim Brennan1576L417453
Average: 389.50 458.50
DetailsOpponentRatingGamesWinsLossesDrawsPctAverage ForAverage Against
1Jeremy Hildebrand178832100.67421.33411.33
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON2L11251813385482
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON1W11251809407326
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON6W11251809472426
Average: 421.33 411.33
2Jim Brennan148130300.00388.33431.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON7L11251576417453
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON3L11251608369388
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON4L11251608379452
Average: 388.33 431.00
3Noah Slatkoff178731200.33411.00443.33
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON1L11251685356493
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON2W11251790466407
2023-11-11Ottawa, ON5L11251790411430
Average: 411.00 443.33
4Matthew Tunnicliffe200410100.00403.00404.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON5L11251953403404
Average: 403.00 404.00
5Joshua Sokol187210100.00405.00441.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON4L11251864405441
Average: 405.00 441.00
6Andrew Golding164810100.00371.00478.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2022-09-17Ottawa, ON6L11251625371478
Average: 371.00 478.00


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