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February 2021

WESPA Extraordinary General Meeting

On Feb 27 2021, WESPA held an Extraordinary General Meeting of its members. The motion presented at the EGM was a suite of constitutional changes, including changing references to SCRABBLE(tm) to an unbranded crossword game, and redefining the relationship between WESPA and the Scrabble(tm) trademark holders. These changes would be required to allow WESPA constitutionally to reject the lexicon changes proposed by Mattel, to remove words designated as “offensive” or “disparaging” that they do not want associated with Scrabble(tm) branded products, including the officially branded Scrabble(tm) dictionary. As with any constitutional change, the motion required 75% of votes cast in favor to pass.

Votes are allocated to members according to their class of membership as indicated below. 75% of the 328 votes cast, or 246 votes, was required to approve the motion. The final tally was 156 votes for the motion, 172 votes against the motion, 35 abstentions, and 109 not present. A member-by-member breakdown of the vote is below.

MemberClassVotes AllocatedVotes FORVotes AGAINSTNotes
United States and Canada (NASPA)13030
United Kingdom (ABSP)13030
Thailand (TCA)130Abstained
Pakistan (PSA)13030
Nigeria (NSF)13030
Australia (CASPA)13030
Zambia215Not Present
Uganda (SAU)215Not Present
Trinidad and Tobago (TTSA)215Not Present
Sri Lanka21515
South Africa (SSA)215Not Present
Singapore (SSA)21515
Sierra Leone21515
Philippines (USAPI)21515Voted by Proxy
New Zealand (NZASP)21515Voted by Proxy
Kenya215Not Present
Ireland (AISA)215114
Indonesia215Not Present
India (SAI)21515
Hong Kong (HKSPA)21515
Botswana215Not Present
Spain (Sayaka Kamikariya)411Voted by Proxy
Qatar (Prashanti Weerawardane)41Not Present
Nepal (Keshab Prasad Parajuli)41Not Present
Sweden (Greger Nässén)41Not Present
United Arab Emirates (Eric Kinderman)411
Netherlands (Anand Buddhev)411
Ejike Osondu41Not Present
TOTAL472156172Threshold: 246/328

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