Chris Bonin



Chris Bonin

Rating: 1196
Games Played: 13
Wins: 0 (0.00%)
Losses: 13 (100.00%)
Draws: 0 (0.00%)

Average Score: 367.54
Average Against: 463.23

300- Games: 0 (0.00%)
300 Games: 10 (76.92%)
400 Games: 3 (23.08%)
500 Games: 0 (0.00%)
600+ Games: 0 (0.00%)

High Game: 440 (vs Geoffrey Newman)
Low Game: 304 (vs Joel Wapnick)
High Loss: 440 (vs Geoffrey Newman)

Details#DateTournamentWinsLossesByesSpreadPlaceStart RatingEnd RatingRating Change
12010-09-26Toronto 20130-12444119611960
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Andrew Golding1692L356392
2Joel Wapnick2087L304473
3Geoffrey Newman1745L375519
4Andrew Golding1692L364435
5Joel Wapnick2087L335512
6Geoffrey Newman1745L440509
7Andrew Golding1692L382396
8Joel Wapnick2087L341402
9Geoffrey Newman1745L339473
10Andrew Golding1692L410543
11Joel Wapnick2087L362451
12Geoffrey Newman1745L344485
13Andrew Golding1692L426432
Average: 367.54 463.23
DetailsOpponentRatingGamesWinsLossesDrawsPctAverage ForAverage Against
1Andrew Golding164850500.00387.60439.60
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2010-09-26Toronto 21L11961692356392
2010-09-26Toronto 24L11961692364435
2010-09-26Toronto 27L11961692382396
2010-09-26Toronto 210L11961692410543
2010-09-26Toronto 213L11961692426432
Average: 387.60 439.60
2Joel Wapnick177640400.00335.50459.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2010-09-26Toronto 22L11962087304473
2010-09-26Toronto 25L11962087335512
2010-09-26Toronto 28L11962087341402
2010-09-26Toronto 211L11962087362451
Average: 335.50 459.50
3Geoffrey Newman181440400.00374.50496.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2010-09-26Toronto 23L11961745375519
2010-09-26Toronto 26L11961745440509
2010-09-26Toronto 29L11961745339473
2010-09-26Toronto 212L11961745344485
Average: 374.50 496.50


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